Dez anos depois de terminarem, o Faith No More, do prolífico Mike Patton anunciou o retorno. São 17 anos de carreira, que teve auge em meados dos anos 1990. Até o momento, ainda não se fala em data de lançamento do novo disco, mas jornais e blogs norte-americanos já reportam notícias das gravações. Um turnê europeia está planejada para este primeiro semestre.

Em Press Release enviado hoje de manhã, Patton afirmou o seguinte: “nos encontramos num momento em que não temos obrigações com gravadoras e ainda estamos jovens e fortes o bastante para entregar um puta repertório. Estamos entusiasmados para não apenas revisitar o passado, mas possivelmente adicionar algo ao presente”.

O leitor Richarley avisa nos comentários. Vale a pena ler na íntegra o pronunciamento de Mike Patton sobre a volta do Faith No More. Aqui:

Faith No More has always stood out as some sort of unique beast; part dog, part cat–its music almost as schizophrenic as the personalities of its members. When it all worked, it worked really well, even if the chemistry was always volatile. Throughout our 17years of existence, the mental and physical energy required to sustain this creature was considerable and relentless. Though amicable enough, when we finally split, we all followed paths seemingly destined to opposite ends of the universe.

Yet during the entire 10 years that have passed since our decision to break up we’ve experienced constant rumors and requests from fans and promoters alike. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, none of us kept in regular touch, much less to discuss any possibilities of getting together.

What’s changed is that this year, for the first time, we’ve all decided to sit down together and talk about it. And what we’ve discovered is that time has afforded us enough distance to look back on our years together through a clearer lens and made us realize that through all the hard work, the music still sounds good, and we are beginning to appreciate the fact that we might have actually done something right.

Meanwhile we find ourselves at a moment in time with zero label obligations, still young and strong enough to deliver a kickass set, with enthusiasm to not only revisit our past but possibly add something to the present. And so with this we’ve decided to hold our collective breaths and jump off this cliff….

We can only hope that the experience of playing together again will yield results erratic and unpredictable enough to live up to the legacy of FNM.
Who know where this will end or what it will bring up…only the future knows. But we are about to find out!

Mike Bordin, Roddy Bottum, Bill Gould, Jon Hudson and Mike Patton

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